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OKC Thunder trade for Celtics guard Kemba Walker, 16th overall pick

The Oklahoma City Thunder have already swung a trade! That is right, during the NBA Postseason, the Thunder deal Al Horford and Moses Brown to the Boston Celtics to kick off the NBA Offseason! Al Horford, who now adds another chapter to the OKC Thunder reclamation projects novel, gets to go back to an organization […]

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Three spins on Tankathon and how it impacts the OKC Thunder 2.0

June 22nd is almost here. We are less than a week away from one of the most historic dates in franchise history. Five days, to be exact. A date that will be long discussed and look back on during all of our “what if” conversations, a phrase that perfectly defines the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise. […]

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OKC Thunder could be in the mix for Kristaps Porzingis, but should they be?

The Oklahoma City Thunder are back into the thick of the NBA Offseason with a ton of power on their side. While this offseason will be yet another short one, and it will feel like it goes by in a blink, the Thunder will be right in the middle of it. With the number of […]

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