OKC Thunder officially send Trevor Ariza to Miami

The Oklahoma City Thunder sent Trevor Ariza to the Miami Heat this afternoon, as expected last night by The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor, and the package centers around another 2027 Second Round pick as well as Meyers Leonard going to Oklahoma City. But how long will Meyers Leonard be on the Thunder roster?

Meyers Leonard sees his career in jeopardy, rightfully so, after spewing hate speech on a Twitch Live Stream a week ago. Now? The NBA, who suspended Leonard, and its teams, view him as a valuable asset, a piece of paper or a log on an excel spreadsheet.

Meyers Leonard will never play on the Oklahoma City Thunder, however, he will be technically on the Thunder roster through the NBA Trade Deadline on March 25th. Meyers Leonard is a horrendous person and has no future in the NBA, and it is important to know that everyone including Sam Presti knows that.

There are some outcries about Sam Presit trading for this awful person. However, Sam Presti did not trade for the person, he traded for the contract of Meyers Leonard to match salaries as you have to in any trade per NBA rules. Meyers Leonard might even be used to trade to another team to use his salary to again facilitate a trade, but that is all this is.

If Meyers Leonard is on this Thunder roster on March 25th at 4 PM Central Time, then he will immediately be waived and forgotten about.

However, when you brand yourself as this amazing family-centric organization when you generate these kinds of headlines, you will receive backlash from fans. Just know, everyone is on the same page about this when it comes to the character of Meyers Leonard.

Should the NBA continue to pass Meyers Leonard around to suit their needs before cutting him? That is another conversation. As for what we know now, in regards to the Thunder, they are aware of Meyers Leonard, rest assured they did not go into this blind. You do not know more about the inner workings of this than Sam Presti. However, as stated, when they brand themselves the way they have, it is understandable for fans to get missed messages without looking deeper.

The Oklahoma City Thunder will cut Meyers Leonard, the Thunder gain a second-round pick for trading a player who will never play for them for another player who will never trade for them. Sadly, this is a business, and that is how the business goes.

Rylan Stiles

Rylan Stiles is the host of the Locked on Thunder podcast, a media member with the Thunder and the NBA, and Founder of BricktownBuckets.com.

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  1. Even being associated with this racist for a few days is embarrassing. He’s not worth picking up another draft pic. Big fail fir the Thunder.

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