OKC Thunder First Half Grades

The 2020-2021 NBA Season is officially halfway done! With the teams enjoying a well-deserved break this week, now is the perfect time to reflect on the Season’s first half. The Thunder have surpassed expectations, and have a better record than anticipated. This is an excellent sign of development, good coaching, and tremendous culture. With the Thunder overall playing and competing at a great level, (even if their record is below .500), the grades for the First Half reflect this.

Coach Daigneault (A) Coach Daigneault has been superb in leading this young team into the rebuild by demonstrating patience, poise, and a guiding hand.

SGA (A) SGA has taken the leap, showcasing his superstar future as he leads the team into the next era.

Lu Dort (A) Dort has made dramatic progress on his offensive skillset, and his defense continues to be truly elite.

Hamidou Diallo (A Diallo has proven to be far more than a flashy dunker and has become instrumental to the team.

Theo Maledon (A) Maledon has been remarkably impressive as a 19-year-old rookie, showcasing a cool calm under pressure.

Kenrich Williams (B) Williams has been a wonderful addition to the squad as he has demonstrated an ability to play multiple positions, score from various spots on the floor, rebound against much bigger players, and flat out compete for every play.

Al Horford (B) Horford has taken on the role of elder spokesman for the team and has been a brilliant leader for OKC, both on and off the court. His on-court production has blossomed in OKC, lending credence to the idea that he really is a solid player and his season in Philadelphia was just a bad fit schematically.  

George Hill (B) Hill has been out several weeks after undergoing thumb surgery, but in the games, he has played, he’s been lethal from the perimeter and a steadying hand on offense. His veteran leadership has been beneficial to the young players.

Mike Muscala (B) Muscala has been an absolute flamethrower this season, shooting at a blistering pace from the perimeter, and showcasing soft touch around the basket. His veteran presence has also been beneficial to the young players.

Isaiah Roby (B) In what is essentially his rookie year, Roby has displayed a diverse offensive game, good fundamentals, and the ability to play multiple positions.

Darius Bazley (C) Bazley has simultaneously shown flashes of brilliance, and maddening inconsistency. If he can achieve consistency, Bazley can become a very special player.

Darius Miller (C) While he continues to work himself back from an Achilles injury, Miller has showcased his perimeter marksmanship and hustle during playing time with the Thunder.

Poku (C) Poku is viewed very much as a work in progress, and his evaluation reflects that. As the youngest player in the League, he has plenty of time to develop and learn the NBA game.

Justin Jackson (C Jackson has received sporadic playing time but has showcased a nice floater and perimeter shooting.

Ty Jerome (Inconclusive) Jerome has been incredibly impressive in the few games he has played for the Thunder, but such a small sample size makes it inconclusive to evaluate.

Josh Hall (Inconclusive) Hall has shown an interesting skillset when he has played for the Thunder, but such a small sample size makes it inconclusive to evaluate.

Moses Brown (Inconclusive) Brown has been an absolute monster in the G-League, completely dominating during his stint with the Blue. As far as his Thunder tenure, he has only played in a few games, which makes it inconclusive to evaluate.


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