Thunder Notebook: Week 10

SGA Snubbed for All-Star

SGA was not selected for the All-Star Game. He has been performing at a career-best this season, and statistically speaking, had a rock-solid case to make the game. All-Star selections are not all about statistics, however, as seniority in the league, and reputation play a large part in being selected. With the Head Coaches choosing the reserves, this probably hurt SGA’s case for being selected. Also, add in the lack of any nationally televised games, and it took a lot of attention away that could have been focused on SGA. Did he deserve to be an All-Star? Absolutely. Just watch SGA’s game after being snubbed, where he went off for a career-high 40+ and could have easily scored fifty had he forced it. Instead, SGA was focused on choosing to make the right plays down the stretch. Next year, he will likely punch through and make the game. 

Ty Jerome Update

For the first time this year, Ty Jerome will be available to play for the Thunder. After missing the entire preseason and a substantial number of games due to injury, he is now healthy and ready to go! To help in his recovery effort, and to help ease him back into game form, the Thunder had assigned him to the G League Bubble. After performing quite well in the Bubble, and demonstrating that he is healthy, the Thunder have recalled him back to the main squad, and he is officially cleared and ready to play NBA basketball.

Trade Deadline Watch

We are now officially less than a month away from the NBA Trade Deadline of March 25th. Al Horford, George Hill, Trevor Ariza, and Mike Muscala are all logical trade candidates, with each player possessing the skills and attributes a contender would value. Horford’s contract makes him unlikely to be dealt at the deadline, but a team may be desperate for a sure upgrade, and be willing to take on his years and guaranteed salary. Boston, in particular, comes to mind as a potential trade partner for Horford. Boston needs to make a big move to get them out of a massively disappointing start to the season. Add that to the fact they have an already established relationship with Horford, and it just makes sense to make a deal with them.

George Hill would fit like a glove on almost any team, with his three-point shooting, playmaking, and good locker-room presence. Hill would seem to be the most likely player to be dealt by the Trade Deadline. Muscala would definitely help teams with his marksmanship, but the Thunder may choose to keep him around for the same reason, as well as his valuable locker room presence with the team and as a mentor for this young team. Ariza could also be helpful for a contending team, as he possesses good shooting ability and solid defense. The question around an Ariza deal would be “What exactly are the Thunder looking to receive in return for him?”


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