A rundown of OKC Thunder’s picks this season

The 2020-2021 NBA Season has been a wildly unpredictable ride with games being postponed, players suffering injuries, players missing time due to Health and Safety Protocols, trades, and a condensed schedule. This has led to some very unexpected standings in both Conferences, with some teams much higher in rankings than expected, and some floundering when they were predicted to have success. For example, the Houston Rockets and Miami Heat were two teams hoping to have playoff success this season, (even with Houston mired by James Harden trade saga), but have quickly seen their seasons crater. Miami and Houston are at this moment, primed to have high lottery picks, a far cry from what they were hoping.

Speaking of the Rockets and Heat, OKC fans need to become massive supporters of whoever plays these teams in games. The Thunder own the rights to swap for Houston’s Pick (if it falls outside the top 4), and Miami’s Pick, (which is unprotected), giving themselves the best two of the three picks (OKC, Miami, Houston). While the Thunder obviously has much more control over how they finish in the standings, rooting for other teams to help their draft haul is another worthy endeavor this season. With the possibility of having two top five or top ten picks in this loaded draft, OKC fans have tantalizing future prospects.

Wait, there’s more! In addition to rooting for Thunder’s success and against the Rockets/Heat, OKC fans should absolutely become big supporters of the Golden State Warriors, as OKC receives their First Round Pick this year IF the Warriors finish with a great record, (Picks 21-30 in the Draft). As with the Houston/Miami picks, OKC has little control over how this Warrior Pick will pan out, but it is certainly something fans should be hoping to acquire. Arming themselves with as many as three First Round Picks in an insanely loaded Draft is something that would be a brilliant stroke of good fortune for OKC. Here’s to hoping!  If the Warriors pick falls in the top-20, OKC will instead receive Minnesota’s second-round pick, which at this pace, is just as good as a late first.


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