Could OKC Thunder trade George Hill to 76ers?

It is a freezing cold day in Oklahoma City, literally, and it is only going to get colder! Snow is on the ground, we have no idea what to do! Come warm up with these hot Thunder trade rumors!

As the NBA season continues to roll along, the NBA trade deadline is right around the corner. The Oklahoma City Thunder will find themselves attached to multiple NBA trade deadline rumors for the next month and already have. On Monday, it was reported that the Philadelphia 76ers were interesting in the Thunder point guard. George Hill provides a ton of value as a player, especially for a contending team.

Right now the OKC Thunder are without Hill, who is on the shelf thanks to surgery performed on his thumb, but with the injury not being a season-ender, it does nothing to his trade value. The 34-year-old is a known commodity, no matter if Hill caught fire in this next month leading up to the March 25th NBA Trade Deadline or doesn’t step on the hardwood until deadline day, his value will not rise or fall.

George Hill is shooting 38-percent from beyond the arc this year, 36-percent for his career, and shot a league-best 46-percent from beyond the arc a year ago. Hill can also be more than a sharpshooter, he can be a true lead-guard especially for a team’s secondary unit.

Hill is only owed 9.5-million dollars this year and only has a partially guaranteed salary next year. While I am sure more teams will jump into the conversation around George Hill in the next month all we know right now is the 76ers are interested in him.

How does a deal get done before the 76ers and the Thunder? 76ers GM Daryl Morey and Thunder GM Sam Presti have obviously history working together on trades, but this one seems cut-and-dry without a third team. If this would be a trade between only the 76ers and Thunder, the only salaries that work to match Hill’s deal is the 76ers shipping off Mike Scott and Tony Bradley. Scott is owed 5-million dollars while former-first-round pick Tony Bradley is owed 3.5-million dollars.

The only players who have the ability to add to Scott’s 5 million to make salaries in this trade, just do not make sense or can not be dealt back to OKC. such as Terrance Ferguson and Vincent Poirier. Outside of those two, Thybulle, Maxey, Howard, Korkmaz, any of those combinations of players would be too steep of a price to pay.

The trade would almost have to be Mike Scott, Tony Bradley, and a second-round pick. The question is, how many seconds? I think one second would be enough, more than one would be outstanding.

If you have any concerns, or questions, about if George Hill will be available, use last year as a reference point. Even as fun, competitive, and surprising as ever team, the Thunder traded Danilo Gallinari to the Miami Heat at the deadline. That deal fell through due to the Heat and Gallo not being able to come to terms on a contract extension, but Gallo was still available.

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