OKC Thunder assign 4 to G-League Bubble including Aleksej Pokusevski

When it was announced that Oklahoma City was sending Aleksej Pokusevski, Josh Hall, Moses Brown, and Ty Jerome to the G League Bubble, it surprised many. Most folks assumed that the team would want Poku to stay with the main roster and keep getting playing time against NBA competition, but the team viewed it differently. According to Coach Daigneault, they had always planned to send him to the Bubble. Since the beginning when they charted out development tracks for the players, Poku and the team agreed this was best for his progression.

This will give poku a ton of minutes, a more featured role, and the opportunity to experiment with his game, in an environment conducive to that. Also, in a Bubble environment, it will almost entirely be basketball around the clock, which will aid in development and professional focus for young players.

It’s not just Poku who will benefit from the Bubble, as Josh Hall, Moses Brown, and Ty Jerome will all make use of it, as well. For Ty Jerome, it allows him to ease back into basketball after being sidelined with an ankle sprain up to this point. Jerome was a First Round Pick last year for Phoenix and came to OKC in the CP3 trade, so getting him back to going is a Thunder priority, as he is an intriguing piece for their future. Moses Brown has tremendous size and length for the modern NBA, and the Bubble will allow him to develop a skillset utilizing these attributes. Having a seven-footer who can run the floor would be a luxury in today’s NBA. Josh Hall has flashed intriguing potential in his spurts of playing time, showing a good handle and shot-making ability. Having chosen to play a year of basketball professionally, instead of attending North Carolina State University as a five-star recruit, there remains some untapped blue-chip potential with Hall. The Bubble will allow these four players all quality development time and show the Thunder organization some of the ways they can contribute to Thunder’s success.


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