OKC Thunder Notebook: Week Six

Homeward Bound

After a lengthy, five-game road trip, the Thunder are finally heading home. Having faced a brutal stretch against quality competition, (Nuggets, Clippers twice, Trailblazers, and Suns), it will be nice for the Thunder to have time back in OKC. Reinforcements will likely be incoming as well, with Al Horford presumed to be returning from his extended absence. The Thunder will have a welcome stay in OKC, with a five-game homestand on the schedule. This will benefit the team, allowing them to regroup, heal, and spend some time in more familiar and comfortable surroundings. Young players, in particular often play better on home court, so look for a potential boost of production from the squad.

The Breakfast Club

After a thrilling win in Portland, Isaiah Roby mentioned in an interview that their nickname for the bench unit is “The Breakfast Club”. Roby explained that it was coined earlier in the year when he and several other bench guys would show up early for practice, engaging in competitive 3 v 3 matches. These early morning practices have obviously paid dividends for these guys, and the bond they formed is special. This is just another sign of the excellent character of the guys on the team, and the strong chemistry the team has.   

Valiant Efforts

The Thunder continued their trend of playing significantly better in rematches. Earlier in the season, when the Thunder were beaten by a team, they would come back and win the rematch against them. While they did not win Round Two against the Clippers, they played significantly better in that game, making it a competitive contest. This is an excellent sign of development for the young team, and a good sign of schematical adjustments from Coach Daigneault.


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