OKC Thunder Fans Should Just Roll With It

The aftermath of the eventful 2020 offseason has left the Thunder fanbase divided. Fans are torn between two distinct schools of thought: 1) The Thunder must tank this season to ensure the best possible results for their future, (high lottery picks to draft potential superstars), or, 2) Sports are about competition, organizations should always put the best possible roster out there and demand wins for competition’s sake. This debate, which is usually just a friendly discussion among sports fans, has turned into a force of division for the Thunder fanbase. The discourse on Twitter and other social media platforms has only intensified as the season has chugged along, showing no signs of slowing down. This helps no one, as the chatter has absolutely no impact on the games, the organization’s thought process, and the events of the season. In short, I propose a third school of thought: To just roll with the results of the season.

            Last season, for instance, many expected the Thunder to bottom out and snag a high lottery pick, but instead, Chris Paul galvanized the young team, lead them to the Playoffs, and was a shot away from making the Second Round! That was a perfect example of just rolling with it, embracing the course of a season. While the odds are stacked even more against the team this year, the future remains uncertain. The team could go on to have unexpected success, struggle on their way to a top lottery pick, or find themselves somewhere in between. One thing is for sure; the best-laid plans often work out differently than expected. No amount of online chatter is going to change a thing. My advice, just roll with the season and embrace the uncertainty. Learn to enjoy the bright spots throughout the season, and adjust to whatever comes from the Thunder decision-makers. Full disclosure, I believe that it is in the organization’s best interest to acquire high-end lottery talent to pair with the impressive young core that the team already has, in SGA, Dort, Bazley, but things can change, as the team may prove further along in development than expected. Just embrace the season, enjoy the development of the young players, and see what happens. Life is stressful enough as it is; just enjoy the games, come what may, and Thunder UP!


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